We’re professional operators for the food industry.

PI.GA. Service is a network of managers and professionals who can actively help companies in the food production and HORECA sectors to develop products and processes and to apply compulsory and voluntary standards in their specific area of interest.

The special characteristics that distinguish the PI.GA. Service team are multidisciplinarity and extreme skills in problem finding and solving.

PI.GA. Service is a point of reference for all private and public organizations that need to ensure food safety, educate consumers and communicate these principles by means of a range of marketing tools.


We are professionals who can give multidisciplinary assistance to food companies, helping them to produce safe and wholesome food products that are of constant quality and are ecologically sustainable.

An integrated network of skills and services that uses the LCPST approach (Listening, Communication, Planning, Solutions, Teamwork) to create, manage and maintain an effective company management and organizational system.


Promoting awareness and culture in the food sector.

Who is the founder

Serena Pironi: Food Technologist number 70 of the register of Food Technologist of Emilia Romagna , Tuscany, Marche and Umbria, Food contact expert, associated number 115 aibo – fce register, Huma nutrition and dietetics expert (Degree at Polytechnic University – FUNIBER), Inspector and quality operator (recorded at IRVEA national register) , auditor / lead auditor for quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), internal auditor BRC Global Standard for food safety , internal auditor UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 : 2005 , EAPQ (professional qualification area expert) in the list of the Emilia Romagna, Trainer associated number 580 into the Italian register Trainers Association.

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