Achieving an IFS certification means adopting a unified quality and safety monitoring system.

This standard has been defined by the Canadian Packaging Consortium, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and industry representatives and can be applied to all kinds of primary and immediate packaging materials (flexible materials, rigid plastic, paper, metal, glass, other materials).

IFS PACsecure certification is aimed at:

  • Providing safety and quality to packaging materials
  • Defining a common standard with a uniform evaluation system
  • Working with accredited and independent certification bodies and qualified auditors to perform IFS PACsecure audits
  • Bringing transparency and equality to the entire supply chain
  • Reducing costs and times both for suppliers and retailers

Each of these aspects has to be addressed and implemented.
PI.GA. Service sas by Pironi Serena & c. offers its expert advice to support your business in each of the abovementioned points leading to IFS packaging certification (and subsequent renewal) in the easiest, fastest and best way possible.

Getting ready to certification means to deploy human and financial resources, education, verification and inspection activities as well as auditing procedures for your suppliers and your company.

It does not only apply to production but also to all related functions, from Procurement to Logistics.

PI.GA. Service supports your company in every step of this process by channelling the resources to achieve this common target and to consolidate and improve it in the years to come.

To the customers, certification means safety and reliability.

IFS PACsecure standard belongs to the category of voluntary certifications, even though it is increasingly becoming fundamental in response to the growing customer demand. IFS standards complies with the criteria set forth by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) – The Food Business Forum, in order to reduce food safety-related risks.

This standard belongs to the category of voluntary certifications and is currently version 1.