An audit is a systematic, independent and documented examination of an organization carried out to retrieve information to be fairly ascertained in order to determine to what extent reference criteria have been fulfilled.

Criteria can be represented by binding rules, voluntary certification standards, technical or disciplinary specifications.

Audits can be classified in first-party audits, performed within the company by trained personnel, second-party audits, performed at suppliers’ premises by trained personnel, and third-party audits, carried out by an independent and authorized third party (i.e. certification bodies).
Audits are performed by using tailored inspection checklists and audit results are summarized within a document called audit report in which non-conformities identified during the inspection and to be fixed within a set time are listed.

An auditor must have appropriate expertise and know the auditing techniques according to ISO 19011 and the relevant audit criteria.

Being in possession of the required qualifications, PI.GA. Service sas by Pironi Serena & c. offers its expertise and experience in performing first- (internal) and second-party audits concerning binding rules (Reg. 852/04/EC, Reg. 178/02/EC, etc.) and voluntary certification standards (BRC, IFS, FSCC2200, Organic, etc.).