Achieving an ISO 22005 certification implies the transposition of Italian UNI 10939:01 norm for “Traceability in the Feed and Food Chain” and UNI 11020:02 norm for “Traceability System in Agricultural & Food Companies”.

This standard applies to the whole agricultural & food sector, including animal feed production, and it goes beyond the obligations foreseen by art. 18 of EC Reg. 178/2.

As a matter of fact, it provides for technical and organizational requirements aimed at implementing a traceability system both within a company and throughout the production and distribution chain.

Therefore it allows to:

  • meet mandatory obligations (178/02 Reg. and subsequent amendments);
  • promote peculiar product features such as its origin, territoriality and ingredient characteristics;
  • meet customers’ expectations, whether they are large-scale distribution or final consumers.

I capitoli cruciali di tale standard sono:

  • traceability system targets
  • regulation and documents applicable to the traceability system
  • products and ingredients which are subject to traceability
  • the position of each company in the food chain, identification of suppliers and customers
  • material flows
  • information to be managed
  • procedures
  • documents
  • chain management modalities

Each issue should be addressed and implemented.

PI.GA. Service sas by Pironi Serena & c. offers its expert advice to support your business in every single step leading to the ISO 22005 certification (and subsequent renewal) in the easiest, fastest and best way possible.

Getting ready to certification means to deploy human and financial resources, education, verification and inspection activities, as well as auditing procedures for the suppliers and for your own company.

It does not only apply to production but also to all related functions, from Procuremen to Logistics. PI.GA. Service supports your company in every step of this process by channeling the resources to achieve this common target and to consolidate and improve it in the years to come.

To the customers, certification means safety and reliability.

ISO22005 standard is currently version 4, running on version 4.1.