Jewish religion has Kosher that is the set of religious rules governing the nutrition of observing Jews. Hebrew word “Kasher” or “Kosher” means “In Accordance with the Law”, “Permitted”.

These rules involve some culinary observances such as the prohibition of mixing meat and milk products during the same meal, or eating permitted food only such as ruminants, cloven-hoofed animals (that is, animals with their hoof split in half: cows, calves, sheep, goats. For instance, rabbits, pigs, horses, marine animals with no fins or scales, crustaceans, shellfish, birds of prey and reptiles are not allowed), slaughtered according to the Hebrew ritual (Shechita).

Kosher certification is voluntary; it applies to the product (not to the system) and is issued by third parties. It is acknowledged by the consumers belonging to this religion and is strongly demanded in order to access the markets of some foreign countries, such as the United States.
Millions of people all over the world are limiting their food consumption and turning to the kosher symbol to have their preferences met. Hebrew consumers are about the 45% of the kosher market.

Millions of Muslims all over the world follow a diet which is very similar to the kosher code.
Kosher-certified food products also attract people of Muslim faith, since they comply with the Halal requirements. They also attract vegetarians and lactose-intolerant people.

The target of this certification is to produce food which is fit for human consumption and compliant with kosher nutrition rules.
In order be declared as kosher, all products should be devoid of any contamination resulting from the contact with illicit substances during their preparation, processing, transformation and packaging.

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Getting ready to certification means to deploy human, financial, education and monitoring resources.
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