Vegan diet implies a lifestyle without food of animal origin or products involving the exploitation of animals for any purpose.
The vegetarian diet, instead, allows the usage of by-products such as eggs, milk products and honey. There are currently private vegan trademarks designed by production companies and private trademarks coined by some associations and complying with the regulation governing the associations themselves. The trademark owner sets the standards for its dealers, who undertake to maintain them in time and are subject to possible inspections (not mandatory).
Nevertheless, there are also genuine certifications that are issued by relevant third parties and achieved by complying with the standards set forth by more detailed disciplinary codes.
For example, the points to be implemented for a vegan certification are the following:

  • The non-use of food, food ingredients, processing aids and other substances of animal origin or obtained from genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • The non-use, in the whole processing cycle, of technological aids, filters, membranes and other processing aids of animal origin
  • Providing for a traceability system and for the traceability of the ingredients/products undergoing vegan certification
  • Ingredients of biological/organic origin are preferred

Vegan certification applies to the product and refers to private and diverse standards; these trademarks are acknowledged by the final consumers following this specific lifestyle.

VeganOK is a private Italian association with its own trademark, based on the declarations of the companies which are required to comply with its disciplinary code.
Founded in England in 1944, Vegan Society ( is the first association to hold its own trademark, and its name is the anagram of The Nicest Voyage.
Qualità Vegetariana® is a national certification for vegetarian and vegan products recognized and promoted by AVI (the Italian Vegetarian Association): it comes in two versions dedicated to vegetarian and vegan food, respectively, and it is issued by a third-party certification body.
LABEL VEG by AVI is the second trademark acknowledged and used by vegetarian and vegan movements all over the world, being coined by AVI in the Seventies and then internationally promoted. Product compliance is defined based on a disciplinary framework issued by EVU (the European Vegetarian Association) following a joint cooperation with several vegan associations from European countries.
The LABEL VEG trademark by AVI is available in two versions dedicated to the vegetarian and vegan diets and is issued by a third-party certification body as well.

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